Our Accreditations

First Option Accreditations

First Option Safety speaks volumes about the quality and professionalism of our medical services. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in providing outstanding medical care on set for TV and film productions.

Being vetted by First Option Safety means that production companies can trust us to provide exceptional medical services for their cast and crew. Whether it's a minor injury, a medical emergency, or just general health and wellness support, our team at Medsafe EMS is here to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on set.

Thank you to First Option Safety for recognising our commitment to excellence in medical services, and we look forward to providing outstanding care for all TV and Film productions in the future.

Qualsafe Approved Centre Accreditation

Medsafe EMS is an Approved Registered Centre with Qualsafe Awards. 

We are approved to deliver these qualifications:

  • First Aid Qualifications
  • Education and Training
  • Pre-Hospital Care

Prompt Payment Code

Medsafe EMS Limited is approved by Prompt Payment Code is a commitment to ethical business practices that ensures suppliers are paid on time, fostering trust and reliability in commercial transactions. This code stipulates clear payment terms, transparent processes, and a dedicated effort to address and resolve any payment disputes swiftly. By adhering to this code, Medsafe EMS underscores its dedication to maintaining robust supplier relationships and enhancing operational efficiency, thereby contributing to a more reliable and efficient supply chain within the medical and emergency services sectors.

Disability Confident Committed - Level 1

Medsafe EMS Limited has achieved the Disability Confident Committed - Level 1 certification, demonstrating its commitment to inclusive employment practices. This recognition highlights the company's proactive approach in supporting and recruiting individuals with disabilities, ensuring an accessible and supportive workplace environment. By embracing the principles of the Disability Confident scheme, Medsafe EMS Limited not only promotes diversity and equality but also enhances its organizational culture, contributing to a more inclusive society.