Planning An Event Guide

We take care of all things medical for your event. We begin working with you well before the event, at the event and afterwards. Find out exactly what you can expect when you work with Medsafe EMS Limited. 


On request we will carry out a full risk assessment, free of charge and provide an appropriate quote based on the industry recognised formula provided by The Health Service Executive (HSE) and Purple Guide.



  • Once you have submitted our Event Booking Form, we use an assessment tool based on the industry Purple Guide to Event Safety to assess and confirm the level of resources you require.
  • At the same time we will send you a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions for Medical Provision.
  • Then adding a lot of experience and, a pinch of common sense we will provide a recommendation as to the cover level we consider is required.
  • We will then issue you with a quotation, if it is acceptable to you, you sign it and return it to us. Our quote is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  • We would then return an e-confirmation of cover to you.
  • It is only then that a contractual agreement exists between Medsafe EMS and you, our client.




  • Our staff will make themselves known to the Event Organiser (or other contact specified on the Event Enquiry Form) as soon as they arrive at the event site.
  • A Patient Report Form is completed for every casualty treated by our medical staff.
  • These reports are kept in secure archives as per Data Protection Policies and legislation.
  • One member of our staff will be designated as a point of contact between us and you; any issues will be dealt with swiftly by this person.
  • Medsafe EMS will also, have an On Call Duty Manager to answer any calls during your event.




  • You, the organiser, will receive a summary report of all casualties treated at the event (with very basic information as allowed by the Data Protection Act (eg; Casualty reference, age, gender, nature of the injury/incident and disposal).
  • Any further information must be obtained in a email to our events department.
  • Further information may be given once we have obtained permission from the patient to do this.
  • You, the organiser will receive a Client Feedback Form.
  • We will also send you your final invoice.