Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training


This course is designed specifically for individuals who wish to become teachers. It is open to anyone who holds a teaching qualification, such as the AET Level 3 or its predecessor. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET), which is certified by Qualsafe.

The course is conducted online and is divided into eight units. These units cover various aspects of education and training, including understanding roles and responsibilities, planning for learners' needs, delivering education, assessing learners, using resources, assessing occupational competence, assessing vocational skills, and managing learning and development in groups.

Each unit is further divided into sub-sections, and students are required to submit written assignments for each sub-section. In addition, upon completing Unit 8, students must conduct three one-hour live practical sessions. During these sessions, students will assess a learner in front of an examiner, either through Skype or in person. They must also submit other supporting materials. Furthermore, students are expected to log a minimum of 30 teaching hours and have a supervisor verify their teaching experience.

By obtaining our teaching and assessing qualifications, you will gain access to numerous opportunities in the education and training sector. This course will enhance your knowledge and skills, enabling you to pursue a successful career in teaching and assessing.